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Stock Up on Warm Workwear

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Cold weather work clothes need to combine comfort, functionality, and most importantly, warmth. At Sheplers Western Wear, our online western store carries a wide variety of men’s and women’s warm workwear. Our pieces are stylish, easy to work in, and most importantly, warm. Now is the time to stock up on your warm workwear. Warm Worker Boots Your feet and ... Read More »

The Importance of Steel Toe Boots

There are a lot of industrial jobs that require proper work gear on the job every single day. Construction and factory workers need to be especially careful with the shoes they wear to prevent work-related injuries. A strong and steel toe pair of boots will allow you to protect your feet from hazardous materials while on the job, and there ... Read More »

How All Work Boots are Different

Different work boots Sheplers

There are millions of Americans who go to work every day and require the proper shoe for their job duties. From construction workers to plumbers, each job requires high-quality unique work boots that keep the feet happy on a daily basis. There are many different types of work boots and each kind offers a unique performance and the protection that you ... Read More »

Where Are Your Favorite Work Boots Made?

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Are your work boots home-grown American made or are they imported? Here at Sheplers, our large selection of mens made in the USA work boots are perfect for any job setting. We offer many different styles and brands of boots that are proudly handcrafted in the US. Here is a list of some of Sheplers’ finest made in America work ... Read More »

How Your Work Boots Should Fit


Work boots are one of the most necessary tools for a safe and productive work site. By helping you avoid back pain, foot pain, knee pain, slips, bites, stings, and burns, you truly get your money’s worth when you have a quality pair of work boots.  Needless to say, the right fit is essential for comfort and security. Here’s how ... Read More »

Why We Wear Work Boots


Craftsmen need the correct tools for any job, and the same applies for their footwear. Depending on the environment in which a person is working, they may face various safety hazards that could put them at risk for serious injury. Therefore, many industries require employees to wear protective footwear on the jobsite always. According to the National Safety Council, only ... Read More »

Finding the Right Work Boot for Your Job


  Sheplers knows your footware is critical, if for no other reason than the fact that is constitutes the very foundation you stand on all day. No matter where you are, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and safe – without sacrificing style. Work boots are one of the most important tools on any job site, because ... Read More »

What are Sheplers Work Boots Made Of?


  As part of a compliance with safety and health regulations introduced in 1994, many industrial companies require their employees to wear work boots. Protective footware is important in industries that involve things like: Cold weather Sharp objects Moisture Molten metals Explosives Electrical hazards Slippery Surfaces  A good pair of work boots can not only protect you from accidents, but ... Read More »