How to Make Jeans Last Longer

Women's Wrangler jeans

A good pair of blue jeans is a staple in everyone’s closet, and when you find a pair that is comfortable, fits well, and looks good, you never want to let them go. Unfortunately, from men’s wrangler jeans to a pair of Levi’s jeans for women, those denim pants will not last forever. Whether you are outside working in your ... Read More »

What Cowboy Gear to Buy Your Boyfriend

Men's western wear shirt

Whether your boyfriend already has a closet full of cowboy boots and cowboy hats or you are just looking to upgrade his wardrobe, buying your boyfriend men’s western wear is a great gift idea. At Sheplers, we are one of the largest retailers of western style clothes and accessories, so we know what qualifies as country fashion.   The Best ... Read More »

How to Look Like A Cowboy

How to look like a cowboy

Whether you are just looking for a taste of western wear or you are all about the western lifestyle, you want to know how to look like a proper cowboy. The best way to look like a cowboy is to find the right western style clothes. As a western store online, we have all the western wear you need to ... Read More »

How to Distress Your Jeans

Girls cowgirl jeans

Purchasing distressed jeans from a store can be pricey, and the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans can be impossible (without Sheplers western store online, of course). But, what if we told you that you can distress your jeans in a few easy steps? Well you heard it here first – you can distress your jeans right at home! ... Read More »

American Denim Guide: Wrangler vs Levi Jeans

Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Wrangler jeans and Levi’s jeans? Wonder no more. Our team at Sheplers is here to help you learn the difference between the two brands once and for all with this American denim guide. The Backstory If you haven’t heard of Levi’s, do you even know what jeans are? One of the ... Read More »

Wrangler Jeans for the Ultimate Cowboy

Slim Fit Premium Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler has evolved into an iconic denim western brand that all cowboys and cowgirls love to wear. Known as an American classic, the Wrangler brand includes many different cuts of jeans that all cowboys know and wear with pride. A pair of Wrangler jeans for men will never go out of style and have truly stood the testament of time. ... Read More »

3 Ways to Tell Your Cowboy Jeans Fit Perfectly


A good pair of jeans is something a cowboy can always count on, and every pair should feel like it was custom made for the best fit. Comfort is key with men’s jeans, and there are many ways to tell your cowboy jeans are the right fit for you. Whether you are attending a rodeo or a country concert with ... Read More »

How to Shrink a Denim Shirt

wome's denim shirt

Denim shirts are the backbone of western cowboy clothing style. So if your denim shirt has seen its better days and it’s now stretched out, you’re likely wondering how to shrink denim. Can you shrink denim? How do you shrink clothes by hand? Don’t worry, our cowboy and cowgirl lifestyle experts at Sheplers Western Wear know a thing or two ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Favorite Jeans

Shep Replace Jeans

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is one of the most challenging feats when it comes to completing your wardrobe. However, once you finally do, chances are that you will want to rock them for as long as you can. In order to make sure that the perfect pair of jeans from Sheplers lasts as long as you want ... Read More »