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Horseback riding

Experience the Wild West with these Vacation Destinations

Wild West Vacation

Visit Historic Trails West in Mills, Wyoming. With these authentic wooden wheeled covered wagons, you can travel in the actual footsteps of the pioneers. The historic wagon treks are perfect for people of all ages. Historic Trails West offers 2 or 4-hour wagon treks, as well as 1, 3, and 5-day historic passes where they travel on the actual Oregon, ... Read More »

Horseback Riding for Exercise


Not only is horseback riding a fun and relaxing way to spend time connecting with one of nature’s most powerful and beautiful creatures, but it’s also a great way to exercise – both for the horse and yourself. Sheplers says that straddling one of the world’s most powerful animals will engage muscles you never knew you had. Here’s how: Horseback ... Read More »

Horseback Riding Games


  The thought of trusting a 2,000-pound animal can be intimidating to inexperienced horseback riders. Participating in horseback riding games can help riders to become familiar with their horses, develop skills, and calm any fears associated with riding such large animals. Sheplers western wear store recommends seasoned riders help newcomers work on these horseback riding games as a fun exercise ... Read More »