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Cowboy Boot Information

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in The Summer

summer outfit with boots

Wearing cowboy boots in the summer – yea or nay? While some people may be quick to jump in and say nay, at Sheplers Western Wear we wholeheartedly disagree. We know that cowboy boots can be worn all year round and still be fashionable. You just need to follow a few simple tips. Summer Outfit Ideas with Cowboy Boots Whether ... Read More »

How to Buy Cowboy Boots Online: Tips from the Experts

Black Cowboy Boot

Whether you are browsing our expansive selection of men’s work boots or checking out our women’s riding boots, when you find a pair you like you want to make sure that they will fit. At Sheplers Western Wear, we understand that incorrectly guessing your size and then having to exchange boots for a different size is tedious and time consuming. ... Read More »

Sheplers’s Ultimate Cowboy Boot Care

ultimate cowboy boot care

Whether it’s a pair of women’s riding boots or some men’s work boots, when you find that perfect pair of cowboy boots you want them to last. While you can simply wear them until they start falling apart, at Sheplers we recommend being proactive and following our ultimate cowboy boot care instructions to ensure that your boots will be around ... Read More »

Stock Up on Warm Workwear

men's winterwear boots

Cold weather work clothes need to combine comfort, functionality, and most importantly, warmth. At Sheplers Western Wear, our online western store carries a wide variety of men’s and women’s warm workwear. Our pieces are stylish, easy to work in, and most importantly, warm. Now is the time to stock up on your warm workwear. Warm Worker Boots Your feet and ... Read More »

Waterproofing Your Cowboy Boots

waterproof your cowboy boots

We know that sometimes it happens – you get caught in the rain and you’re thinking, “What am I going to do about my shoes?” Yes, cowboy boots are meant for wear-and-tear, trails, and mud, but their lifespan can definitely be cut short if they are not taken care of properly. Sheplers, one of the best western stores online, is ... Read More »

The Best Accessories for Spring 2018

While some of Spring 2018’s fashion accessory trends are a little wacky, there are some that we at Sheplers are ready to embrace with open arms. Spice up your women’s western wear wardrobe with these accessories that are sure to have you catching spring fever. Patterned Boots Forget the heels, this spring boots are in! With the variety of patterns ... Read More »

How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Boots

When it comes to finding a new pair of authentic cowboy boots there are a lot of components you should consider before making your final purchase. After all, genuine cowboy boots are an investment that will last you a long time. While a new pair can be a bit pricey, your cowboy boots are a true testament to your western ... Read More »

How to Clean Cowboy Boots

Clean Cowboy Boots

If you have just purchased a new pair of cowboy boots, you want them to last. The best way to ensure long-term use is to properly care for and clean boots. The consistent maintenance of your cowboy boots will allow them to stay strong and durable as well as look good for a long time to come. How to Get ... Read More »

How to Break In your New Pair of Cowboy Boots

Break in your Cowboy Boots

The excitement of a new pair of cowboy boots often wears off when it comes time to breaking them in. Your feet will experience discomfort before the material of the boots shapes to your feet and it’s simply no fun to wear your cowboy boots before breaking them in. However, there are tips and tricks you can follow to quickly ... Read More »

Best El Dorado Cowboy Boots

El Dorado Caiman Square Toe Cowboy Boots

When it comes to men’s western wear, there are many factors that go into choosing the right pair of cowboy boots. The best cowboy boots are made with quality materials, carefully stitched, and offer comfort and durability. Authentic cowboy boots will last you for a long time, which is why they truly are an investment. El dorado cowboy boots are ... Read More »