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Justin Original

How Justin Boots Began


As an avid maker of his very own cowboy boots, H.J. Justin started what is now famously known today in a small town in Texas. Justin Boots are full of decorative stitching, ultimately meant to stiffen the leather to prevent from folding around the ankles. Sheplers is here to share some information on the origin of Justin Boots so you ... Read More »

How Cowboy Boots Are Made in the USA


Texas is the center for the manufacturing of cowboy boots. Many businesses, such as Justin Industries, started small and have grown exponentially due to such great success. There are a couple of different ways to make cowboy boots, but many cowboy boot work is done by hand or fully automated factories. Either way cowboy boots are made, Sheplers is here ... Read More »

Wearing Steel Toe Boots at Work

Shoes may not seem as critical to a hazardous work place as protective eyewear is, but it truly is important to invest in safety footwear if there is any possibility of getting hurt on a job site. Safety shoes, such as steel toe boots, have many other functions other than just protecting your toes from injury. There are many reasons ... Read More »