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How to Choose the Perfect Cowboy Boots

When it comes to finding a new pair of authentic cowboy boots there are a lot of components you should consider before making your final purchase. After all, genuine cowboy boots are an investment that will last you a long time. While a new pair can be a bit pricey, your cowboy boots are a true testament to your western ... Read More »

The Best Denim Shirts for Cowboys

A good quality denim shirt is made for the toughest jobs and all cowboys can rock a denim shirt on the job or on the go. Whether you are working a long day on the ranch or running around town doing errands, a durable denim shirt can provide comfort and functionality as well as keep you stylish. Denim shirts paired ... Read More »

How to Decorate your Kitchen with Southern Charm

If you are about to move into a new home or you are simply renovating some rooms in your current home, you will need to think about the overall feel and theme you want when decorating. You don’t have to live in the South for southern charm and you can completely transform your home with western style and character. When ... Read More »

Why Western Belts are the Perfect Accessory

All cowgirls out there, listen up! Incorporating a western belt into your everyday wardrobe will be sure to show off your true western style. A classic western belt buckle can be paired with any outfit and Sheplers shares with you why this southern staple is the perfect accessory for all cowgirls out there. You can rock this accessory with your ... Read More »

How to Throw a Cowboy Themed Kids Party

If your child’s birthday is coming up and you know that he or she appreciates and loves the outdoors, what better way to celebrate than with a cowboy and wild west themed birthday party with friends and family. Your little cowboy or cowgirl will have a blast hanging out at a ranch and participating in cowboy themed games and activities. ... Read More »

Why Every Woman Needs a Fringe Handbag

Just like shoes, you can never have too many handbags in your closet and all women should embrace their love for fashion and purses. There are many different types and styles of handbags that are functional for all activities and it’s encouraged to switch up your collection every so often. Fringe handbags are great for country concerts and outdoor barbeques ... Read More »

Western Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s time to start planning activities for your special lady. For all you cowboys out there, there are many ways you can impress your significant other with a unique date that doesn’t include the traditional dinner and a movie this Valentine’s Day. Chances are your cowgirl enjoys the outdoors and is willing to ... Read More »

The Importance of Steel Toe Boots

There are a lot of industrial jobs that require proper work gear on the job every single day. Construction and factory workers need to be especially careful with the shoes they wear to prevent work-related injuries. A strong and steel toe pair of boots will allow you to protect your feet from hazardous materials while on the job, and there ... Read More »