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Why We Wear Work Boots


Craftsmen need the correct tools for any job, and the same applies for their footwear. Depending on the environment in which a person is working, they may face various safety hazards that could put them at risk for serious injury. Therefore, many industries require employees to wear protective footwear on the jobsite always. According to the National Safety Council, only ... Read More »

The Perfect Summer Outfits for Country Music Festivals


Summertime is finally here, which means that it is time for country music festivals under the warm sunshine and dancing under the bright moonlight. If you want to make a statement at this summer’s biggest events, make sure you’re dressed to impress! Not sure what to wear? Sheplers has you covered with these summer outfits that are guaranteed to turn ... Read More »

Country Western Wedding Tips


  Country western weddings are one of the hottest summer wedding trends. If planned right, a country western wedding can give a laid-back feeling, while keeping an elegant, rustic, and charming décor. If you are looking for just the right additions for your country western wedding, try these charming and simple ideas from Sheplers western wear. Cowboy Hats Put cowboy ... Read More »

Horseback Riding for Exercise


Not only is horseback riding a fun and relaxing way to spend time connecting with one of nature’s most powerful and beautiful creatures, but it’s also a great way to exercise – both for the horse and yourself. Sheplers says that straddling one of the world’s most powerful animals will engage muscles you never knew you had. Here’s how: Horseback ... Read More »

Finding the Right Work Boot for Your Job


  Sheplers knows your footware is critical, if for no other reason than the fact that is constitutes the very foundation you stand on all day. No matter where you are, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and safe – without sacrificing style. Work boots are one of the most important tools on any job site, because ... Read More »

Horseback Riding Games


  The thought of trusting a 2,000-pound animal can be intimidating to inexperienced horseback riders. Participating in horseback riding games can help riders to become familiar with their horses, develop skills, and calm any fears associated with riding such large animals. Sheplers western wear store recommends seasoned riders help newcomers work on these horseback riding games as a fun exercise ... Read More »

What are Sheplers Work Boots Made Of?


  As part of a compliance with safety and health regulations introduced in 1994, many industrial companies require their employees to wear work boots. Protective footware is important in industries that involve things like: Cold weather Sharp objects Moisture Molten metals Explosives Electrical hazards Slippery Surfaces  A good pair of work boots can not only protect you from accidents, but ... Read More »

Decorating Your Bathroom – Country Style!


Whether you live in the country or not, you can still enjoy living the country lifestyle by decorating your home with some beautiful western décor from Sheplers. Being the number one spot to purchase all things western for your wardrobe, Sheplers also has you covered when it comes to home and bathroom décor. If you are decorating your home to ... Read More »

A Brief History of Horseback Riding


The earliest evidence of horseback riding dates to over 5,000 years ago, when fossils of horse teeth indicated that a riding bit was placed in the animal’s mouth. Since then, horses became a great resource for long-distance travel, as well as herding large groups of cattle and other animals. Horses are powerful animals, and were put to work for tasks ... Read More »