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Four Fall Bags to Pair with Your Cowgirl Boots

Shep Fall Bags

The fall season means a whole new slew of warm and cozy outfits that you will want to wear. Some cold weather items never go out of style and make you want to bundle up in them year after year. Here at Sheplers, we know that the items that we rock from fall to winter year after year include flannel, ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Favorite Jeans

Shep Replace Jeans

Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is one of the most challenging feats when it comes to completing your wardrobe. However, once you finally do, chances are that you will want to rock them for as long as you can. In order to make sure that the perfect pair of jeans from Sheplers lasts as long as you want ... Read More »

Three Items Every Person Raised in the Country Owns

Shep Own from Country

For those who are used to the country way of life, you know that there are certain things that are kept in your home forever, no matter how many annual spring cleanings you do. For some reason, those raised in the country have a certain attachment to things that withstand the expiration date of the seasons – whether it’s fall, ... Read More »

How to Tell When it is Time to Replace Your Jeans

Shep Jeans

Some wardrobe staples are appropriate at any time of the year, no matter if it is fall, winter, spring or summer. You have probably already guessed it, but jeans are permanently on that list. There’s only one problem – finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans can prove to be one of the hardest tasks for women. For this reason, ... Read More »

The Loafer Is Back in Style

Shep Loafers 1

Sure, when you think of a loafer you probably think of your school days, or maybe even putting a penny in them for good luck. This fall, relive your favorite childhood shoe because the loafer is back in style and Sheplers has plenty of options to choose from. Regardless of whether or not you are a guy or gal, an ... Read More »

How Sheplers Wears Their Boots in the Fall

Shep Fall Boots

Now that fall is finally here, it is time to break out your cold-weather clothes. While boots are a given when it comes to bundling up as temperatures drop, that doesn’t mean that they have to be worn the same way year after year. In fact, they might spice up your wardrobe more than you realize and give your old ... Read More »

Why You Should Wear White after Labor Day

Shep Fall Guide 3

Since rules were meant to be broken, fall fashion rules are no exception. After all, winter whites are stunning when paired with the right accessories and look great with basically everything. Neutrals match anything, which is why white jeans are the perfect accent to any tan, gray, or black sweater you want to pair them with. Simply add a pair ... Read More »

Fall Shopping Guide from Sheplers

Shep Fall Guide 1

Summer is almost officially over and the days of sundresses, sandals, and tank tops will soon be a distant memory of the past. Instead, expect to replace your easy breezy summer items with the biggest (not to mention the comfiest!) trends of the season – think chic sneakers, relaxed fitting t-shirts, and a crisp pair of jeans. After all, dropping ... Read More »