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Best Luggage for Spring Trips

Shep Luggage

You’ve checked off everything on your packing to-do list, dropped the dog off at the dog sitter, and have consistently checked the weather at your final destination about fifty times by now. Under the false pretenses that everything is good to go, for you to enjoy a long-awaited get-away for the weekend, you snap back to reality once you actually ... Read More »

Top 4 Boots to Get You Through the Rest of Winter

Shep Best Boots

Why is it that the last few months of winter can frustratingly seem like the months that seem to drag on the longest, as you are patiently waiting for the thermometer to rise? Year after year, without fail, the cold months take their time leaving; but luckily, that does not mean that you have to endure the last few flurries ... Read More »

Best Outerwear for the Last Few Months of Snowmaggedon

Shep Best Outerwear

You can finally almost feel it…the worst of Snowmaggedon 2015 has passed. While this particularly brutal winter season repeatedly tested your ability to endure the cold, day after day, you can finally rest assured knowing that the spring is (finally) just around the corner. Now that your snow coat proves too heavy for the steadily increasing temperatures, and yet it ... Read More »

Sheplers Bullhide Hat Giveaway

Do you have a soft spot for quality hats that don’t lose their shape at the first sign of a raincloud? How about an unwavering love for authentic country music? Would you even go so far as to say that you have an unparalleled appreciation for days that don’t go below 70 degrees? Well my friends, it is your lucky ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

The only people harder to buy for on Valentine’s Day other than women, are men. Instead of stressing yourself out and worrying about what on earth to get your Valentine, sit back and relax. This year let Sheplers pick out a gift that will make your valentine wonder how you knew. Don’t worry, we won’t tell! For the Guy Who ... Read More »

Coziest Way to make it to Spring

Coziest Way to Make it to Spring

As you slowly but surely crawl out of bed, you are sharply reminded that the winter days have not yet past, as a pang of cold air slaps you in the face and makes you question why you haven’t moved to Florida yet. Since most of us are not lucky enough to live in Miami or an equally obnoxious snow-free, ... Read More »

Caring for Your Horse This Winter

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but every westerner knows that horses are a cowboy’s! These cold winter months can be tough on our larger four-legged friends, but there are plenty of steps you can make to ensure that they are properly taken care of. 1. Keep Them Out of the Cold The most important and obvious step is making ... Read More »

How to Wear a Bolo Tie

Now that the denim dress shirt has made a profound comeback, the bolo tie is slowly creeping up the fashion totem pole too. The bolo tie (also known as shoestring necktie) was first introduced as a simple way for men to bring their outfits together and add a little style and flair. The style soon became a Western wear trend, ... Read More »

Cowboy Hat-Wearing Etiquette

Ever wear a cowboy hat and hear someone say, “You’re doing it wrong”? A cowboy hat can be the perfect accessory to complete your look; however, if you are not wearing it properly, you could be “doing it wrong.”  Avoid cowboy hat-wearing fashion fines by following simple cowboy hat-wearing etiquette. Although cowboy hat etiquette changes with the times and the ... Read More »