Western Style Buyers Guide – Cowgirl Luggage


If you are getting ready for your next western vacation, it might be time to upgrade your luggage bags to a more modern country style. You can choose a simple and classic duffle bag, or a more elaborate one with tooled trim and belt buckles for your packing needs. Whether you are embarking on a long journey, or just an ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Cowgirl Boots for Her

Cowgirls boots are the perfect addition to a western style look, and any pair of these classic boots will make you feel like an authentic cowgirl instantly. Not only are cowgirl boots fashionable, but they are extremely functional for everyday use. It’s important to consider multiple factors when choosing the right cowgirl boots and at Sheplers women’s western wear, we ... Read More »

3 Ways to Tell Your Cowboy Jeans Fit Perfectly


A good pair of jeans is something a cowboy can always count on, and every pair should feel like it was custom made for the best fit. Comfort is key with men’s jeans, and there are many ways to tell your cowboy jeans are the right fit for you. Whether you are attending a rodeo or a country concert with ... Read More »

Yoga Exercises for Cowgirls


From beginners to experts, yoga exercises for cowgirls is the perfect stress reliever and strengthening exercise suitable for all riders. You can learn to physically and mentally enhance your riding abilities with certain yoga exercises that will make you feel balanced and relaxed. Yoga exercises can strengthen the connection with your mind and body and build balance and stamina for ... Read More »

Cattle Drives for Beginners: What to Expect


Cattle drives are as about as real as it gets when it comes to the authentic western lifestyle, and you will automatically feel like a cowboy after this unique experience. If you are new to cattle drives, there are many tips and tricks you can learn before you embark on your cowboy journey. It’s important to pack the appropriate items ... Read More »

Home Décor—Western Home Style Tips from The Pros


Western style is all about incorporating comfort and character into your home, and there are many décor variations you can add to take your country theme to another level. You can dress up your home with traditional western themes while still maintaining a modern feel. Transforming your home is easy with the help from the Pros—Sheplers, and your cowboy home ... Read More »

3 Things Every Man Needs to Pull Off the Cowboy Look


Guys, if you were ever wondering how you can rock a classic western look, Sheplers Western Wear has the perfect guide for you to channel your inner cowboy. Cowboys are the epitome of the pioneering spirit of America, and there are many ways you can add a modern twist to the traditional cowboy look. Sheplers offers the latest in men’s ... Read More »

How to Dress Like the Characters of Westworld: Sheplers Style


HBO’s latest hit series, Westworld, is a thrilling sci-fi western inspired sensation that has everyone hooked. If you’ve seen the show you are probably wondering how you can channel the characters looks and transform your wardrobe into a western style collection. Traditional cowboy gear is incorporated throughout the show and luckily, Sheplers western wear has the perfect guide for you ... Read More »

Western Outfits Perfect for Any Summer BBQ


We are mid-way into the summer season and BBQ parties with your friends and family surround the warm weather festivities. If you are looking for the perfect outfit to make a statement at your next cookout celebration, Sheplers Western Wear has you covered! It’s time to put your warm weather wardrobe to use and we have many western outfit options ... Read More »

Stay Cool This Summer with Women’s Western Wear


With summer in full effect, it’s no secret that it’s time to adjust your wardrobe for the hot temperatures heating up everywhere. You will probably be spending a lot of time outside and Sheplers wants to help you stay cool with these trendy women western wear options. Whether you will be attending barbeques or summer concerts with your friends, follow ... Read More »